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Your CLC Success Story


Domonique Andrews
Grayslake Central High School

(Class of 2013)

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Associate in Arts

Year you expect to graduate from CLC: 2016

Transfer school, degree and expected graduation year: Undecided

Interests and hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading.

So far, my math classes have been, amazingly, the most enjoyable classes I’ve taken so far. Though my interest for the future is in writing, drawing and animating, I had to take MTH 102 and 108 to catch up to college level math. My teachers for MTH 108 and MTH 141, my current math class, have been particularly funny, helpful, dedicated, and clear as crystal about the material and the expectations.

I was amazed by the dedication my MTH 108 teacher showed us. Coming in on his off days just to prep us for the final made me realize what instructors are really trying to do—help us. It made me twice as determined to do better.

In my senior year, I had no idea what I was going to do after graduation, and my high school counselor sent me a CLC information package. I didn’t know what exactly I wanted to do; I still don’t, really. CLC made sense because it was close to where I live and it gives me a lot of opportunities for classes to take before transferring.

I’m aiming for a bachelor’s degree. I’ve been considering moving back to Chicago, where I might transfer to DePaul or another city school. If I could write and draw for a living, that would be beautiful. That’s why I want to be a cartoonist and director.