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Your CLC Success Story

Veronica Green
Lake Forest High School

(Class of 2014)

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Completed a Certified Nursing Assistant certification at CLC; now a prospective nursing student

Year you expect to graduate from CLC: 2016

Transfer school, degree and expected graduation year: I want to pursue a bachelor’s degree in nursing and then a master’s in nurse anesthesiology.

Hometown: Lake Forest

High school activities: Yearbook club

Interests and hobbies: Painting, drawing, going to the art and science museums downtown

My favorite class at CLC was microbiology. This class consists of more lab work than classroom lecture, and I received great hands-on practice. During each lab, I learned many new ways to use a microscope and different techniques for growing bacteria.  These are things I never thought I’d be doing, but I found that I loved!

I made great friends at CLC through a lot of my classes, especially my science courses that had labs. You spend hours with your lab partners, and everyone is there to try to help you succeed. This encourages a lot of conversation and trust. From these experiences, I have made friends that I hope will last a lifetime.

Being immersed in a classroom of people who are not exactly like you is enlightening and refreshing. Everyone has something different to bring to the table in terms of different perspectives and culture. It can help you open your eyes to new ways of problem solving.

I chose to become a CLC student because in my sophomore year of high school I came to CLC for an open house. When I visited, I was greeted by enthusiastic faculty who answered every question, while walking me through their entire nursing program. They made me extremely comfortable. During the summer between my junior and senior year of high school, I started taking classes at the college. CLC let me dual enroll while I was still at Lake Forest High School, and after I completed summer session, I continued to take a course at night during the first semester of my senior year. In January 2014, I graduated early from Lake Forest High School and started full time at CLC. By the end of the spring semester, I had completed all of my prerequisites required to screen for admission into the nursing program.

When I started at CLC, I was planning to use this college as a jumping point to transfer to another school, a quick in and out transaction. However, as I took classes and began to make friends and experience all CLC had to offer, I realized that the time I spend here is an opportunity to learn about myself, meet new people, find new interests and enjoy my experience in college.