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Your CLC Success Story


Carly Prais
Lakes Community High School

(Class of 2013)

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Associate in Arts

Major: English

Year you expect to graduate from CLC: Fall 2014

Transfer school, degree and expected graduation year: University of Illinois; planning to earn a bachelor’s degree in 2017

Hometown: Lake Villa

High school activities: Cross country, track, book clubs, Evergreen Club

Interests and hobbies: Cross country, track and field, writing and reading

My favorite class at CLC was Environmental Biology, taught by Professor Kelly Cartwright. I learned about real-life environmental issues—and how to apply what I learned in a way that will help me to become a more active member of society. We had a lab once a week and got to explore really cool parts of the Lake County Forest Preserves.

My Introduction to Ethics professor, Brian Smith, had a huge influence on my view and perception of the world as well as my ability to think deeply about moral issues. The class helped me develop my own ideas about important issues and it made me realize how important it is to think about where our thoughts and actions stem from. I truly think I will take some of the things I learned and apply them for the rest of my life.

I had an absolutely wonderful time being on CLC’s cross country team; it was an unforgettable experience. I learned how to be a runner, a team leader and a disciplined athlete. Coach Steve Blomgren also shared with us lot of life wisdom from all of his years of experience. My favorite memory was traveling to the NJCAA Division 1 Cross Country Nationals in Ft. Dodge, Iowa, and becoming close to all of my teammates.

Initially I didn’t think I would make a whole lot of friends at CLC, but I found out the best way to meet people is to get involved! Sit by that girl or guy in your class, join the clubs and start conversations with new people. I’ve learned that almost everyone at CLC is super friendly.

Attending CLC was something that just sort of fell into place for me. It was so easy to meet with an advisor and sign up for classes. It just felt right, like a welcoming place to continue my education. I’m so glad for the opportunities I have had here to grow and become more financially stable before I head off to a four-year university.

I have always wanted to major in English and work for a publishing company, and CLC has solidified my choice. My first English class was English Composition I with Professor William Bird. I was able to get a lot of good feedback on my papers, and he helped steer me to becoming an English major. And helping fellow students, by proofreading and editing their English papers and watching them improve and become better writers, helped me realize how much I enjoyed doing that kind of work.