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Your CLC Success Story


Oscar Bravo
Mundelein High School

(Class of 2014)

Degree you’re seeking at CLC: Associate degree in engineering science; planning to graduate in 2016.

Transfer school, degree and year: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to major in mathematics and mechanical or industrial engineering; planning to graduate in 2018.

Hometown: I was born in Mexico City and lived there until I was 16. I moved here in 2011, when my stepfather was transferred by his company.

High school: Mundelein High School, class of 2014.

High school clubs and activities: National Honor Society; theatre club, where I was vice president; show choir, where I was lead dancer and singer; Link Crew, a club that welcomes new freshmen.

Interests and hobbies: Reading, watching YouTube videos, bowling, spending time with my family.

So far, my favorite class has been Calculus II. I like math in general, and my teacher, Tracey Hoy, makes the class interesting, challenging and enjoyable. She allowed me to explore how mathematics can be elegant and powerful. Tracey also supported me to be a math tutor at the Math Center, where I will work starting spring 2015 semester. I want to help people with the subject.

Outside of classes, I am involved in the Math Club and Engineering Club. My favorite part of both clubs is that they challenge you to come up with innovative solutions to different problems. I also enjoy how the clubs encourage you to work in teams and learn how to build ideas together.

In my senior year of high school, a counselor told me about CLC’s Engineering Pathways Program, which is a joint effort between CLC and the University of Illinois in Champaign- Urbana. Students interested in engineering can attend two years of college at CLC, and if they maintain a minimum GPA of 3.3 in the equivalent courses and 3.2 overall, they are granted a transfer to the U of I. For me, this was a golden opportunity. I applied and was accepted.

Community college is the real thing. I have found CLC to be competitive and open to letting students excel. The teachers really support every student.

I wish to keep on learning and studying toward a master’s degree and beyond. I would like a career that uses both math and engineering to do research and invent products.