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CLC Enrollment Representative
Abe Skariya

When meeting with prospective CLC students, Abe Skariya uses the word “critical” to describe the importance of a college degree in landing a rewarding, good-paying job.

“I tell people that many online job applications ask you to click a box to indicate if you have a college degree,” said the CLC recruitment specialist. “If that box is not checked, your odds of landing a first interview go down considerably.”

Abe, who is the first in his family to “check the box,” recalled how important his own community college education was in helping him find his career passion.

“Like many students, I began college unsure of my career goals, and I changed majors several times,” said Abe, a graduate of Maine East High School. “In a marketing class at Oakton Community College, I had to develop a marketing plan and do sales presentations. That was my first real taste of the true essence of selling—to listen carefully to potential customers and explain how your product or service can meet their needs. I became fascinated with sales and marketing.”

Abe earned an associate degree in marketing from Oakton and a bachelor’s in business management from National-Louis University. He worked in sales and recruiting for an online university and for a higher education marketing firm before joining CLC in fall 2016.

When meeting potential CLC students and their parents, Abe uses his well-honed listening skills to answer questions about the college and help students consider potential majors. He makes sure to highlight the full range of CLC’s offerings, in academics and in extra-curricular activities, and he points to the college’s diversity.

“I explain how real-world CLC is,” Abe said. “In class, students not only interact with other recent high school graduates, but they’ll encounter mid-life career changers and military veterans, too. I love seeing the positive reaction of prospective students and their parents when they understand the real value of CLC, from the economical tuition to the Honors Program to the many campus clubs.”

Beyond CLC’s program offerings, the Grayslake Campus renovations and new buildings are drawing a thumbs-up from the public, he said.

“Many are impressed with the new Café Willow, the Welcome and One Stop Center and the Science Building that opens in summer 2017. The welcoming physical surroundings are important in creating positive first impressions.”