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Your CLC Success Story


Betty Derza
Round Lake High School

(Class of 2014)

Degree at CLC: Associate in Arts; planning to graduate in 2016

Transfer school and degree: Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science; doctor of pharmacy degree

Hometown: Round Lake

High school clubs and activities: Art club; concert band; Tri-M music honor society

Interests and hobbies: Writing; reading; learning new things

It’s hard to pick a favorite class at CLC. I really enjoy all of them! My professors are all fantastic. My top two favorite classes thus far would have to be Introduction to Psychology with Dr. Martha Lally and English Composition II with Professor Jody Schardt. These classes make me think critically about the world around me and help me better understand people.

My chemistry professor, Mary Urban, really encouraged me when it came to chemistry and made it enjoyable. I was afraid that it would be my worst subject, but now, it's actually my best subject! She explains everything well. I feel confident about pursuing a chemistry-oriented career.

I've made some new friends by talking to people in my classes, especially those in the CLC Scholars program. People enjoy being sociable on campus. You just have to be friendly and talk to some people before and after class, and you'll have friends in no time!

I chose to become a CLC student because it was the best option for me. It's close to home, which is nice. I can stay with my family, and I don't have to pay for a dorm room. I'm getting a private school education for a public-school price. My classes on average only have about 20 people, allowing me to get to know my classmates and my professors.

I hope to be a pharmacist one day, possibly doing research to help find a cure for all kind of illnesses.