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Your CLC Success Story

Chelsea Beal
Warren Township High School

(Class of 2013)

Major: Biomedical engineering; planning to graduate from CLC in 2015

Transfer school: Illinois Institute of Technology

Hometown: Gurnee

High School Activities: Freshman basketball team

Hobbies: traveling; going to concerts

My favorite CLC classes have been pre-calculus with Jeff Mudrock, calculus with Kim Hasbrouck and honors humanities with Jenny Lee. Jeff is extremely outgoing and knows how to keep you awake. His course makes complete sense: he makes the tests cover only what he teaches, structuring the questions so they are very similar to the homework and note examples. Kim Hasbrouck, my calculus instructor, is a very sweet and understanding woman. She teaches calculus very clearly and gives tons of examples, making sure she covers any type of problem you might come across. I really enjoy her class. Jenny Lee is a very intelligent teacher who talks with a lot of passion, almost making you want to take every humanities class she teaches.

At Warren, Jim Ouimette really opened my eyes when I took his Biology 2 course. That class really pushed me to make my choice to become a biomedical engineer.

I have met tons of new friends at CLC. Actually, I have met a new close friend in each class I’ve taken. I am pretty outgoing, so I just connect with people easily. I also meet tons of people through friends at CLC.

The small size of CLC’s classes, compared to other colleges, is something I really like. You receive more one-on-one help from the teachers, who are more interested in helping their students than doing their research, as is the case with instructors at many other colleges.

CLC was a great choice for me, because I wasn’t 100 percent sure of what I wanted to be. I was stuck between biomedical engineer, biochemist, chemical engineer or teaching. I’m still a little undecided, but have a better idea of what I can handle.

I have come to really enjoy CLC’s atmosphere. At first, I thought I would be missing out on the whole going away to college experience, but I’m really not.  The college is only a short 10-minute drive from home. This allows me to work in addition to going to school—and I can stay out of debt. I’m happy that financial aid covers my tuition.

A perfect job for me is hands-on, that’s why I would love to work in laboratories discovering how to recreate body parts. Ever since I watched the Science Channel, and saw the type of work biomedical engineers do, I was sold on the idea. It really fascinated me.