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Your CLC Success Story

Kirsten Carpentier
Wauconda High School

(Class of 2008)

Degree or certificate program at CLC: A.A. pre-medicine

Transfer school, degree and year: Transferring to the University of Illinois-Chicago in 2016 to earn a bachelor’s degree in nutrition, then become a registered dietitian working in a hospital.

Hometown: Wauconda.

High school: Wauconda High School, class of 2008; completed a court reporting program in Wisconsin before changing careers.

High school clubs and activities: Volleyball and softball teams.

Interests and hobbies: Running, yoga, exercising.

My favorite class was Principles of Health and Wellness Coaching, and the instructor, Frank Ardito is amazing. I loved going to class because it took a holistic approach to wellness, taking into account not only exercise but nutrition, relationships, your emotional health and more. The class had practical role-playing exercises in which one student was a wellness coach and the other was a patient. I later decided that instead of working as a wellness coach, I want to be dietitian and work in the more structured setting of a hospital. Frank supported me in that decision. Going through the wellness coaching class and meeting with a wellness coach helped me set my career goals.

Kris Dahl, a counselor, has been a godsend. One day, she made a whole schedule of classes I have to take at CLC and made sure that they lined up to meet the requirements for the UIC bachelor’s degree program in nutrition. She set up each semester a course load that would not be too overwhelming, and one that fits with my work schedule. She helped me put the finishing touches on my career plan.

I made new friends at CLC though my classes and study groups. Last semester, my study group from a math class went to a math tutor in the library. CLC’s math tutors are so helpful. They, along with the writing tutors, are part of the amazing resources at the college.

I love CLC because it’s been nothing but great. The teachers are excellent, the class sizes are smaller than the big lecture halls at a four-year school, and you can interact with teachers here. They give you their email addresses and cell phone numbers. On some days that I’ve missed class, some instructors actually called me. The financial aid staff and counselors are very helpful, and the location of the campuses is convenient for my needs. CLC’s tuition is very reasonable, and the education is the same or better at other colleges.

I will attend CLC full time until fall 2016, when I will transfer to UIC’s bachelor’s degree program in nutrition. Eventually, I want to become a registered dietitian. It’s so exciting to be on a path toward a career that I will enjoy. I’m so thankful that I’ve met helpful people at CLC.

My advice to prospective students is to seek help from counselors. They will help you develop a plan of courses that will help you move toward your career goals. Also, definitely make use of the tutors and the Southlake Campus Center for Health and Wellness Promotion. Their personal trainers and massage therapists can help you for an extremely reasonable rate, and it’s a good stress relief. CLC’s libraries—both physical and virtual—really help you in your research. At CLC, there are a lot of resources that I don’t think a lot of people use. Many are free.