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Your CLC Success Story


Angelita Aragon
Waukegan High School

(Class of 2013)

Degree or certificate program at CLC: Business

Transfer school, degree and year:  Plans to attend Roosevelt University

Hometown: Waukegan; 2013 graduate of Waukegan High School

Interests and hobbies: eating out; playing the violin; hiking; biking

Since January 2014, I’ve been a student ambassador, and one of my most important duties is to go with college recruiters on their visits to high schools throughout Lake County.  I have one-on-one communication with students, and they’re hearing about CLC from someone who is actually experiencing the college.

I loved my East Asian humanities course, taught by George Liu. We covered each Asian country, their cultures, and how the cultures blend. One of the assignments was to visit an Asian restaurant and observe the extent to which they have preserved their Asian culture versus becoming Americanized. My parents are from the Philippines, and in this class I met students who are also of Asian descent. It was a great bonding experience.

I also enjoyed English composition I and II, taught (respectively) by Sara Barski and Pat Gonder. When I started at CLC, my writing ability was iffy. Dr. Gonder worked with me in his office hours, providing feedback on areas ranging from developing a thesis statement to presenting ideas in a way that flows. To receive an A grade on a paper made me feel better about my writing ability.

Outside of class, I am the 2014-15 president of the Asian Student Alliance. Being a club president teaches me responsibility and practical skills such as delegating work and building a consensus. There are a lot of things on my shoulders, but my fellow club leaders all pitch in to help.

Coming to CLC is the best decision I have made, financially and personally. I love it. It has made me more open to new experiences, and I have made more friends than I thought I would.  In high school, I was accepted to several four-year universities. But I soon found out that my dad would lose his job.  Also, I have a mother who is disabled with health issues and is not able to work. Money was very tight, so to benefit my family, I came to CLC. I’m very happy that I came here. It has given me a look-see into the world, and the tuition is very reasonable. Had I gone to a four-year college, my family would have struggled financially.

I want to go into business management and travel around the world promoting a company or an organization. My uncle is business major who works for Motorola, and he travels to Asian countries to promote the company and its products. That sounds fun.

My advice for beginning students is that CLC is the College of Opportunity. Don’t let financial troubles stop you; they didn’t stop me. Being involved in clubs and activities, outside of your classes, makes you grow as a person. CLC promotes student involvement a lot. It will make you grow and take you further than you thought you could go.