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Why should I download the CLC Mobile App?

The CLC Mobile App includes helpful features that provide you with maps, course catalog and schedule information, Library catalog searches and access to Blackboard mobile. It’s a perfect on-the-go reference tool for anyone with a smartphone.

What mobile devices can I access the CLC Mobile App on?

You can access the App on both Android and Apple (iPhone) mobile devices.

Can I access the App from tablet devices such as an iPad?

The mobile App can be viewed using a tablet; however it has not been optimized for viewing on a tablet. You may need to enlarge the individual Apps on your tablet so that it fits the whole screen.

How much does the CLC Mobile App cost to download?

The CLC Mobile App is FREE to download from either the Apple iTunes or Google Play stores online. Remember to rate the app and leave feedback for other users!

Does the CLC Mobile App work on the CLC wireless network?

Yes, the app works with CLC’s Lancernet wireless network. You connect to it as you would any other wireless network.

Where can I register feedback or suggestions for the CLC Mobile App?

You can email your feedback or suggestions to

Why does portrait view, on my mobile phone, truncate some words and jumble others?

Portrait view does not have enough space to display some items fully. If you want to see the full item, change the phone to landscape view.

How do I get updates to CLC Mobile if I currently have it installed?

If you already have the app installed, go to your device’s store (iTunes, Android Play Store, etc.) and choose the “Update” option. You do not need to delete the App and re-install it.

You can also update the app directly on your device by checking for updates as you would with any other App.

Any data updated within the app itself (course information, student account information, etc.) will be updated automatically.

Why should I update my CLC Mobile app and use the Student icon?

The Student Center icon is an easy mobile tool for the myStudentCenter system you currently access with a computer. You can view your financial information (what you owe, financial aid, account activity), class schedule and planner, grades, any holds or “to do” items you may have and your personal information (view only – you can’t update via mobile).

You can also access the full site from this icon if needed.

Can I pay my tuition?

Yes, you can make a payment through the mobile app. Learn more about how to pay.

When searching for a particular course, I get more results than I expected, why does this happen?

The app searches all available fields using your keywords and returns both exact and partial-match results. So, if you perform a search on ENG 121, the app will return a result for every record containing “ENG” and/or “121” anywhere in the course catalog. We suggest you be as specific as possible when searching for courses.

Why can't I find the course that I'm looking for?

The CLC Mobile App contains past, present and future units of study. If you can’t find a particular course, please check the course catalog on-line or in print and/or contact your advisor.

How can I locate specific campus room numbers or offices on the CLC Mobile App?

You can click on the ‘CLC Home’ icon which opens the CLC website. From there, click on the individual campus link (located at the bottom of the page) and click on the campus maps link. You may need to enlarge the screen on your device to see a clearer view of the map.

Why can't I find a staff member using the Directory App?

If you cannot find a staff member using the app, you can try looking at the online directory from CLC’s main website.

How can I correct my details in the Directory App?

To correct your details, please contact the Human Resources department to update your HR record in PeopleSoft with the correct information. The directory is updated very frequently; please keep checking back for your updates.

I've already downloaded the Blackboard Mobile Learn App. Do I need to download the CLC Mobile App too?

We recommend that users download and use the CLC Mobile App, since it includes many features to enhance your CLC experience over and above Blackboard Learn.