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The process of documenting the information you provided on the FAFSA is called verification. If your application is selected for verification by the Department of Education, you will receive the following message on your Student Aid Report (SAR):

Your application has been selected for review in a process called verification. Your school has the authority to request copies of certain financial documents from you, your parents (if you are dependent) or your spouse (if you are independent and married).

The Financial Aid Office will send you a letter notifying you that you were selected for verification and requesting certain financial documents and verification forms (please see our forms section if you need a verification worksheet) for you to complete and return to the office. Each person who entered financial information on your FAFSA must submit their current year tax information (Please see instructions for options to submit this information through the IRS Data Retrieval Process or requesting a Tax Return Transcript). Students should submit all requested documentation within 30 days from the date postmarked on the verification notification letter. If you do not provide the documents requested, you may not receive federal student aid, and you might not receive aid from other non-federal sources.

If there are differences between your FAFSA and the documents you submitted to the office, we will make corrections to your FAFSA. The Federal Processing Center will send you a copy of your SAR with any updates made to your application. If your awards have been updated we will send you a notice of the changes.

The Financial Aid Office cannot award you federal or state financial aid until you complete the verification process.