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How Need is Determined

Simple math is used to determine financial need:

Financial Need = Cost of Attendance – Expected Family Contribution

The “cost of attendance” includes tuition and fees, living expenses, books, supplies and transportation.

Note: The “cost of attendance” varies from school to school, because different schools charge different tuition and fees and have different estimates for room and board, transportation and personal expenses. (Visit Budget for Attending CLC for the current costs of attendance at the college.)

The “expected family contribution” (EFC) is the number that’s used to determine your eligibility for Federal student financial aid. This number results from the financial information you provide on your FAFSA application. Your EFC is reported to you on your Student Aid Report (SAR).

Note: Your expected family contribution is always the same, regardless of the college or university you wish to attend. The expected family contribution and cost of attendance are both considered in calculating financial need. Therefore, your aid eligibility may vary depending on the college or university you select.