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Withdrawals & Refunds

Student-Initiated Withdrawals

You are responsible for dropping or withdrawing from classes you do not intend to complete. Deadlines are based on class dates.

See your class schedule for specific deadline dates.

If You Withdraw:
When: How: Cost: Your Grade:

Before Official Drop Deadline

Drop your class in myStudentCenter

100% refund

None: class removed from record

Between Official Drop Deadline and Official Withdrawal Deadline

Drop your class in myStudentCenter

No refund


After Official Withdrawal Deadline and before the final exam or final assignment

Request a withdrawal from your instructor; requests must be made in writing and additional approvals may be required

No refund

W (if you are passing the class)

FW (if you are failing the class)

Administrative Withdrawals

Instructors may administratively withdraw students who never attended or stopped attending class. All administratively withdrawn courses will remain on your academic record and are not eligible for a refund.

If Your Instructor Reports:
When: What: Cost: Your Grade:

15% of the class has passed (Official Drop Deadline)

You never attended class

No refund


Between the 15% point and the Midterm date of the class

You stopped attending class

No refund


Between the Midterm date and the end of the class

You stopped attending class

No refund


How to Receive Your Refund

If you’re expecting to receive a refund check from CLC, please sign up for direct deposit.

Direct Deposit is:

  • Convenient: No waiting on the mail or in line at the bank to cash or deposit your check. 
  • Quick: Funds are generally available within a few days after the date of the refund.
  • Secure: Direct deposit prevents check loss or theft. The bank account information you enter is completely confidential.

How do I enroll in Direct Deposit?

View the ACH (Direct Deposit) Enrollment Instructions (PDF).

A full refund of tuition and fees is granted if the college cancels a class.

When academically advisable, the administration may approve full or partial refunds of tuition or fees when students exchange one course for another.

When a student is unable to attend class due to uncontrollable and unforeseen circumstances such as extended hospitalization, a prorated tuition and fee refund may be made based upon a documented appeal. The appeal form may be obtained at the Welcome and One Stop Center.

See also: Student Records Policies

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