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Healthcare Bridge Library
Bridge to Healthcare Programs & Careers

About the Grant

Thanks to an ICCB grant, the College of Lake County is in the process of creating a library of materials that will help adult education students in GED and ESL classes to better prepare for success in the field of health care.

Library of Healthcare Resources

Whether you want to know why people find the field so rewarding, how to select from the many programs and careers that are available to you, what students have to say about their experience in healthcare, or what employers will demand of you when you graduate, there is something for everyone here.

These materials may be useful to students who are actively preparing to enter a healthcare program at the College of Lake County or just exploring the idea of working in a field such as nursing, dental hygiene, phlebotomy, or medical assisting.

Questions, Comments and Suggestions

This resource is a work in progress so please check back to see additional resources. Questions, comments, and suggestions can be addressed to the Biological and Sciences Division at