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Employment in Healthcare

A Healthcare Career and Its Benefits (PDF)
Why go into healthcare and what are some of the benefits?

Foreign Healthcare Experience (PDF)
Have a foreign country diploma in the healthcare field? Translate foreign experience into employment in America.

Hospitals (PDF)
What's it like to work in a hospital? Who works in a hospital?

Criminal Background Checks (PDF)
Criminal background checks and drug screenings are required for healthcare positions.

Healthcare Interviewing Skills (PDF)
Information to assist in seeking a position, applying for the position and hopefully securing the position.

Safety Issues (PDF)
Observe safety procedures and recognize hazards while in a healthcare program or while working in a healthcare setting.

Healthcare Employer Testimonials (PDF)
What do employers want from their new employees?

Choosing Healthcare Insurance Benefits (PDF)
Newly employed in the healthcare field? Learn about commercial insurance and various plans.

Employer Perspective: Dental Hygiene (PDF)

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