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Advanced Manufacturing

Advanced Manufacturing Programs

Become an In-Demand Manufacturing Professional

The development of powerful new digital machinery is creating hot demand for a new breed of manufacturing worker—the high-skilled technician.

Old-style manufacturing jobs involved:

  • Low-skilled, rote work
  • Work done on a grimy, noisy factory floor

Today’s “advanced manufacturing jobs” are very different:

  • Jobs require high-level skills and knowledge of production processes, quality control and technology
  • Focus on human expertise and judgment
  • Work done in a clean, temperature-controlled environment

Because these jobs are about brainpower, they’re also about good salaries, success and careers with a future.

An Industry Searching for Skilled Professionals

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, manufacturing continues to be a very important part of our economy. Data from the BLS indicates that manufacturing:

  • Accounts for 14 percent of U.S. GDP
  • Provides 11 percent of the nation’s jobs.
  • Offers jobs with average salary and benefits for manufacturing jobs is $65,000.

Despite the strengths of manufacturing, the National Association of Manufacturers reports that employers aren’t able to fill openings. The reason, employers say, is a “skills gap”—not enough applicants with the strong technical knowledge and skills needed.

Build Your Successful Career in Manufacturing at CLC

The opportunities in manufacturing are too good to miss. But to get them you need a strong technology education. You need what CLC’s manufacturing technology programs offer:

  • Instruction on state of the art equipment
  • Instructors with industry experience
  • A course of study developed with the advice of industry experts
  • Opportunities for resume-building internships
  • Job placement assistance through CLC’s Manufacturing Skills Network, which links employers with our students and graduates

Training Options Offered

CLC offers five programs that will train you in the advanced manufacturing skills employers want. Each provides a different manufacturing-related specialization area:

A Flexible Educational Pathway

Our programs allow you to build skills, find employment and gain experience, then return to school to get more education.

Learn More

Get more information about our advanced manufacturing programs by contacting:

Kim Gillespie
Academic Operations Manager
Engineering, Math and Physical Sciences Division
(847) 543-2602