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Meet the Professors

Mary Lynn Carver
Instructor, ABE/GED Reading

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2007; previously taught for 17 year as a CLC adjunct; also was an adjunct at DePaul University’s Master of Applied Professional Science programs; teaches stress management and meditation classes in her spare time.

Education: B.A., University of Akron; master’s from National-Louis University.

Most memorable teaching experience:  One of my students was an 85-year-old woman in a wheelchair. She wheeled herself to the Lakeshore Campus to every class, without fail–rain, snow, sleet and heat because she wanted to be able to improve her reading and read to her grandchildren.

Tania Giordani
Instructor, ABE/GED Mathematics

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2007; previously taught developmental math and college-level math courses at Columbia College and other institutions throughout Chicago. Besides math, she has taught and tutored reading, writing, social science and science; also taught doctoral-level courses in adult education.

Education: B.A., Columbia College; M.Ed., Loyola University Chicago; Ed. D., National-Louis University.

What inspires me about my field: I knew that I wanted to be a college instructor when I realized that my first year went by, and I had never missed a class. It was the first job that, even when I was not feeling well, I showed up because I wanted to be there. I have learned that no matter what course or level I am teaching, my students always have something to teach ME.

Ditra Henry
Instructor, ESL

Specialties: Developing curriculum.

Teaching full time at CLC since: 1999.

Subjects taught at CLC: English as a Second Language, healthcare bridge, GED, model office and intensive academic ESL.

Education: B.A., Chicago State University; M.A., Northeastern Illinois University.

What I do to engage students: I do a variety of activities in my classroom. Since the students are second language learners and have a desire to speak, I try to develop creative or unusual activities to engage them in speaking.

Anna Kan
Instructor, ESL
405 Bldg 4

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2003; also has worked as an adjunct faculty member and workplace training coordinator at CLC; served as writing tutor at Northeastern Illinois University and as adjunct faculty at Northeastern Illinois University, Harper College and Oakton Community College.

Subjects taught at CLC: English as a Second Language–writing, conversation and grammar; intensive academic ESL (all levels); life skills; ESL support for heating, ventilating, air conditioning; English Language instruction.

Education: B.A., University of Tel-Aviv in Israel; M.A., Northeastern University.

What inspires me about my field: My students inspire me with their keen intelligence, resourcefulness and avid desire to learn English and live a better life. Helping them to achieve their goals adds value and substance to my life.

Mary Selbo
Instructor, ESL

Teaching full time at CLC since: 2007; previously taught English for five years at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein; her 25 years of teaching have taken her to Japan and Botswana, Africa; she served as sponsorship coordinator for refugee resettlement in Illinois and Indiana in the 1980s.

Subjects taught at CLC: English as a Second Language, including life skills, writing, conversation, grammar, pronunciation and intensive academic ESL; linguistics and society.

Education: B.A., Luther College; M.A., Northeastern Illinois University.

What inspires me about my field: I am inspired most by the dedication and persistence my students demonstrate as they pursue the difficult task of learning a new language. I am also inspired by their successes: gaining employment, getting a better job, developing enough confidence to attend a parent/teacher conference, entering a certificate or degree program or any other achievement of their goals and dreams.