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The Village Learning Community

A project to help GED graduates and student parents transition to college-level courses.

Research suggests that you will succeed best when you feel connected to your college community. The Village Learning Community Project aims at creating such a connection for you by combining your hard work with caring support from educators, family and the community.

What is the Village Learning Community Project (VLCP)?

Education provides exciting opportunities for a better future. But even the most motivated students can face challenges affecting their success in school. Home and work responsibilities can make it hard to find time for schoolwork, and tight family budgets can make affording tuition tough.

CLC believes you should not be on yourr own in facing these challenges. That’s why we offer the Village Learning Community Project. It’s a program that will support you in making the exciting, but sometimes challenging, transition into college-level classes.

The program is an alternative for students who place in English 109, a pre-college level course. Instead of  taking English 109 for a whole semester and English 121 the following semester, you will take a condensed eight-week version of English 109 followed by a condensed eight-week version of English 121. The two courses will be connected by common texts and themes. This way, you will get your pre-college and college composition requirements fulfilled in one semester instead of two. The two courses provide a strong academic foundation, and you will receive support from other students in learning and forming connections that can help you throughout your college studies.

Who Can Participate?

This program is for you if you place in English 109 and are a recent GED graduate and/or parent.

Twenty students will be admitted to the program.

Program Goals

  • Transition into college-level courses.
  • Provide the educational foundation for further college success.
  • Provide a success-affirming social network.


  • Help in applying  for financial aid to cover tuition and books..
  • 3 credit hours of college credit for successful completion.
  • Free academic support services (tutoring, financial aid, mentoring and coaching.)
  • You can receive free child care at the Lakeshore Campus Children's Learning Center, if you qualify for federal financial aid. The Children's Learning Center accepts children ages 2 and up.
  • Advising and other assistance in transitioning into college-level courses.


Classes and services will be offered at CLC's Lakeshore Campus.

2014 Fall Semester Schedule

Classes will meet two mornings per week (Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday). Student success meetings, workshops, study groups and college events will take place during the early afternoon and will require a two-hour commitment on average each day.

How to Apply

Pick up an application in one of the following locations:

  • Student Services Center
    Lakeshore Campus, Room N211
    (847) 543-2186
  • Student Life/Special Projects & Outreach
    Lakeshore Campus, Room S113
    (847) 543-2112
  • Communication Arts Division/English Department
    Grayslake campus, Room B210
    (847) 543-2040