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19th Judicial Circuit Court Family Violence Coordinating Council
John Phillips, Council Chair

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  • College of Lake County
    Lakeshore Campus
    111 N. Genesee Street
    Waukegan, Illinois 60085
  • Phone: (847) 543-2315
  • Fax: (847) 543-2188


Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Family Violence Coordinating Councils (FVCC) at both the state and local judicial circuit level is to establish a forum to improve the institutional, professional and community response to family violence including child abuse, intimate partner/domestic abuse, and elder abuse; to engage in education, prevention and coordination of intervention and services for victims and perpetrators of child abuse, intimate partner/domestic violence and elder abuse, and to contribute to the improvement of the legal system and the administration of justice.

History of the FVCC

The Illinois Family Violence Coordinating Councils (IFVCC) was convened by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Illinois in 1993 and transferred to the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority in 2000 to enhance the management of IFVCC's financial resources and operations. The IFVCC's funding comes through the IVPA from an annual appropriation of the State General Assembly. The IFVCC is a non-mandated, informal organization composed of a state-level Steering Committee; 28 local family violence coordinating councils, with jurisdictions covering the entire state; and statewide projects that address systems improvements through collaborations of partners, professional education, and integrated-systems protocols.

In 2004, the Family Violence Coordinating Council was established in the 19th Judicial Circuit—which encompasses all of Lake County, Illinois. The 19th Judicial Circuit's FVCC is made of 4 Committees: A Steering, Health, Education & Faith-Based Committee.


The Health, Education and Faith Committees meet monthly. Each committee has a chair-person who oversees the monthly meetings and the work of the Committee. Membership is drawn from educators, school nurses, domestic violence & sexual assault prevention workers, social service agencies, victim advocates from the Lake County States Attorney's Office, ministers, the Lake County Health Department, DCFS, the Children's Advocacy Center, the Lake County Coroner and the College of Lake County.

If you are interested in attending committee meetings, please contact the Local Coordinator for 
meeting time and locations: (847) 543-2315, or

Steering Committee
Chief Judge John Phillip, Committee Chair

The Steering Committee is made up of Executive Directors, Committee Chairs, Ministers, Judges and others in leadership roles who have the ability to make decisions within their respective organizations.

Health Committee
Evelyn Dalenheim, Committee Chair

The Health Committee publishes a quarterly electronic newsletter to service providers in Lake County on topics relevant to Family Violence Prevention. The Committee also works with local service providers to provide trainings and resources on topics related to domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse and elder abuse prevention and screening.

Education Committee
 Gary Pickens, Associate Regional Superintendent of Schools, Committee Chair

The Education Committee provides trainings and in-service sessions for Lake County schools (including pre-schools, high schools, elementary and middle schools) on topics including:

  • Mandated Reporting
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention
  • Responding to children who witness or experience violence
  • Creating school protocols for responding to family violence

Faith Committee

The Faith Committee provides trainings and resources for Lake County churches and laypeople on the Faith Response to domestic violence. Trainings include:

  • The Faith Response to Domestic Violence
  • Honor Thy Father & Mother - how the church can respond to elder abuse
  • Teen Dating Violence Prevention
  • Safe Sanctuaries for Youth – Reducing the risk of abuse in youth ministries

Symposium Committee

Each year, the FVCC convenes a Family Violence Symposium in the fall during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. This Committee's purpose is to determine the topic, speakers and content of the Symposium. The Committee generally meets during the summer months leading up to the fall Symposium.

Contact Sally Foster, Coordinator, for committee meeting dates and locations.

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