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Career Degrees & Certificates

Knowledge gives you the advantage in a competitive job market. More education means more possibilities for you—whether it’s going after the job your want, reinforcing your current job, or switching to a new career. At College of Lake County, the investment is small, but the payoff is bigger than you’d imagine. Median annual earnings in some Associate degree career fields can be as much as $60,000 or $70,000.

You can earn an Associate’s degree at CLC in two years. Cover the latest technical discipline-specific information with full-time instructors solely focused on teaching. Meanwhile you’ll gain important skills like critical thinking and communication that are helpful in any career. Best of all, work-based experience (you already have or new on-the-job training?) is an option in almost all programs.

In a year or less, you could earn a career certificate. These programs give you the foundation for entering a specific field and usually focus on a skill-set specialty. So you can carve a niche and make an impression. Plus, you can apply whatever certificate credits you earn toward a degree.

With 40 career preparation programs and more than 100 certificate options, CLC even helps students with degrees enhance their career prospects.

Programs with Career Degree & Certificate Options