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Explore Career Options

Meet with a Counselor

Using several assessment tools, our counselors can help you learn more about your personality, interests and skills and how they match the profiles of various career fields. Counselors will work with you one-on-one, or you can enroll in the college’s PDS 122 Career Exploration course.

Use Career Information Resources

Many resources are available to help you learn about different careers—the nature of the work, the employment outlook, the salaries paid, the education required and more.

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Published by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, this site provides extensive information on a wide range of careers.
  • America’s Career Info Net
    This site provides extensive information on career outlook, salaries, duties, etc., and allows visitors to get state and metropolitan area localized information.
  • College View
    This site focuses on linking the decision of a college major and career path.
  • What Can I Do with a Major In…?
    Published by the University of North Carolina, this site provides information on careers for majors ranging from anthropology to theatre.

Learn about Career Preparation at CLC

If you choose a major requiring a bachelor’s degree or further education, you will choose the transfer degree path at CLC.

If, however, you are seeking a career you can enter right after graduating from CLC, you will choose one of CLC’s career preparation programs fields.

Attend a Career Information Session

Attend a CLC career information session. Throughout the year CLC offers information sessions on many of its career preparation programs.

Talk to a Faculty Member

If a career information session isn’t currently scheduled, learn more about the CLC program you are interested in by talking to a faculty member in the program. Contact information for each program is listed on the academic program page.