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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Share Your Honors Experience

If you have a special project from your Honors class and would like to share it with us, we would love to hear from you. Please send your honors experience to Nick Schevera.

  • Brianne Greene, Honors Student and CLC Scholar
    "Making conversation with people you have in multiple classes makes the community college experience feel even more like a community."
  • Adam Fritzshall, Honors Student, Phi Theta Kappa Officer and CLC Scholar
    "The passion and rigor that the honors program upholds is something that I truly believe many other campuses lack."
  • Corryn Smith, Honors Program Student
    "I was scared going into my first year of college; yet, the Honors program has lessened my fears and instead greatened my opportunities to meet new people and strengthen my knowledge of several different areas of interest."
  • Arthur Simenas, Honors Program Student
    "You also get an amazing experience with the professors that teach the classes because they take learning to a higher level."
  • Felicia Rivas, Honors Program Student
    "It's truly a unique and enriching experience, and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested."
  • Vickie Pompilus, Honors Program Student
    "It is totally worth it because I think the reward is immense: gaining more education! Honestly, I really enjoy the one honors class that I am taking now and plan to sign up for more next semester!"
  • Val Flores, Honors Program Student
    "I believe the main benefit in honor courses is allowing us to challenge ourselves and that those courses look really good on our transcripts, especially if we get good grades on them. We are also surrounded by a vast atmosphere of students who have the same academic goals as us so it brings all of us to connect with one another."
  • Bernard Kondehar, Honors Program Student and Student Trustee
    "I have often heard, as well as at one time shared, the misconception that honors courses offer little more than extra work. With this, I would emphatically disagree and I would encourage any and all who are able to take one right away!"
  • Ariel Notterman, Honors Program Student
    "I've discovered how beneficial it is to learn alongside students that possess similar academic motivation. The amount of information I've learned from in-class discussions alone is pretty outstanding!"
  • Andriana Zupancic, Honors Student 2016-17
    "Being in the honors program is definitely a huge confidence builder. I've set expectations very high, and learned that through hard work I can overachieve those. Small classes with discussions and questions have allowed me to learn more material, and truly understand what's being taught."
  • Ryan Haass, Honors Student and CLC Scholar 2016 to 2017
    "Whenever I meet somebody at CLC who is filled with potential and has the drive to grow, as both a person and an intellectual, I recommend that they get involved with the Honors Program."
  • Stephanie Spooner, Three Classes as an Honors Program Student
    "It is an environment that helps you as a student develop and use unique study and learning habits, as well as expressing yourself through creative course work."
  • Ashley Evans, Four Classes as an Honors Program Student
    "My favorite honors class so far... was themed around 'The Simpsons'... Brian taught us about each philosopher in a new and exciting way... He allowed us complete creative freedom on one of the papers and welcomed our voices in all aspects of the class."
  • Esra Ozbek, Honors Program Student Since 2005
    "I recommend honors courses to all students who wants to experience a higher level of learning in a competitive, challenging, and sophisticated class setting."
  • Alice Bednar, Three Classes as an Honors Program Student
    "All three classes taught me the material of the class, while teaching me a lot about myself... It was entertaining and enriching at the same time!"
  • Kristin Majkowski, Four Classes as an Honors Program Student
    "They gave us more freedom and flexibility to approach the class in the best way for each of us to achieve our maximum potential in learning the specific material covered in class."
  • Daniela Resendiz, Environmental Biology with Kelly Cartwright and Honors Program Student 2006-2009
    "The classes embrace the individuality of each student and allow them to choose their own creative way of completing a take-home test or a lab-report."
  • Shounda Cole, Honors Program Student Since 2004
    "I learned so much more in those classes than I would have in a regular class. The classes are designed more to treat you like a graduate rather than an undergraduate."
  • Lisa Lorenzi, English Comp I and II with Mary Ann Bretzlauf and Mike Latza
    "One project I remember that really struck me as a good learning experience was... to 'people-watch,'... inventive activity, something one can expect from the honors program."
  • Lisa Brown, Earth Science with Dr. Xiaoming Zhai
    "This atmosphere is more open and comfortable and allows a person to expand their knowledge... Last month, I researched and discussed the effects of ozone depletion..."
  • Ann Cooksey, Sociology with John Tenuto
    "The Honors student should be doing high quality of work as opposed to doing a high quantity of work... I was able to choose whatever topic I wanted to explore..."
  • Emanuel Arrambide, Creative Writing with Diane Williams
    "I am conferencing with Diane on almost a weekly basis, and I feel that I am developing quickly as a writer... great mentors to me that have helped strengthen my inner voice..."
  • Nikki Rodio, Honors Program Student
    "All the honors classes I've taken have been very discussion based and that has been my favorite part. Having in depth discussions with such a small group of people not only helps you learn the material on a better level but it allows you to get to know other students in a way you never would in a regular, large class. That alone has made my experience at the college that much better because I am taking friends away from each class and most of us move on to other classes each semester together. Every teacher I have come across in the program has also been so caring, passionate, and helpful. They go out of their way to get to know you, personally. It truly makes each class a really great learning environment and a fantastic experience."
  • Molly Anderson, Honors Program Student
    "Taking this honors class has been so helpful for me. Many classes don't challenge you enough. Honors classes train your mind to do hard work. In the real world, there are many hard things out there that need to be done. I feel more equipped to take on life now."
  • Katie Hauck, CLC Honors Student and CLC Scholar
    "The Honors Program has made my CLC experience better than anything I had previously imagined."