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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Alice Bednar, Three Classes as an Honors Program Student

I have had the wonderful opportunity of being involved in the Honor's program while being a student here at CLC. To say that I have enjoyed them would be an understatement. I loved the challenges each class presented to me throughout the semesters. Sure, the classes required more thought, but I promise, it is the kind of thinking you don't mind doing. Each professor made sure that all of the students in the class knew and understood the expectations and the outcomes of all assignments. It was so wonderful to be able to sit in a classroom with fellow students that you knew wanted to be there as much if not more than you did.

Another great plus to the Honor's program is that all of the teachers eliminate busy work and really focus on the core of the class. Most of the classes that I have taken have been discussion oriented, with the professor there as a guide. I love this type of classroom atmosphere because it allows you to get to know everyone better and, as already mentioned, requires you to think. Things are put to you in ways that you never thought about before, and it just makes you truly grateful. I have learned more in the three classes that I have taken in the honor's program than I ever thought possible.

I took the English Composition I class with Mary Ann Bretzlauf, the Introduction to Philosophy class with Brian Smith, and the Social Problems class with Frederic Hutchinson. All three classes taught me the material of the class, while teaching me a lot about myself at the same time.

Mary Ann is one of the best professors I have ever had. She always had this way of making two hours and forty-five minutes go by like that. She is so intelligent and always had so much for us to take in and learn. It wasn't your average English class. I felt like we took things up a notch in her class; I am so glad that I was a part of it!

Brian is for sure something else! You will NEVER meet a professor like him ever again! He always made class go by so fast. Brian has this way of "getting into character" every time we talked about a different philosopher. It was wonderful! It would teach these different philosophies and by the time he was through, you would think he really believed what he was telling us, and then he would say, "And, now I am back to Brian Smith!" It was entertaining and enriching at the same time!

Both Mary Ann and Brian are very intelligent and funny people, and I promise, you will not regret taking a class with them!

The best part about the classes are the class size. They really allow you to get to know your classmates really well and feel like a family for the sixteen weeks you are together. The professors of the classes treat you like adults and they understand that you ARE smart. The classes also allow for more creativity than with regular classes. They thrive on our continued success and do everything in their power to see you succeed.

So, take part in the honor's program! You won't regret it!