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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Ann Cooksey, Sociology with John Tenuto

I only joined the Honors Program this semester and I'm only in one Honors class, Sociology 121. The instructor is John Tenuto. The Honors section of that class does a special project. Since we are doing a special project, we are allowed to skip one exam or skip the Create-a-Lecture project the rest of the class works on. The idea behind this is that the Honors student should be doing high quality of work as opposed to doing a high quantity of work.

For my project I was able to choose whatever topic I wanted to explore. My project is more research oriented so most of the actual work I do is in the library. My professor gave me some advice on where to look for information and recommended books that I might be able to use. The project itself is incredibly flexible. I can make it into a research paper or I can host a discussion among the other Honors students.

What I really enjoy about the program is the opportunity to discuss what I am learning with my professor. Since I was able to pick a topic I am interested in studying, the project is exciting to me and I enjoy talking about it.