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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Ashley Evans, Four Classes as an Honors Program Student

My favorite thing about CLC is without a doubt the Honors Program. The discussion oriented classes, amazing teachers, and creative and individualized assignments have allowed me to have a more fulfilling learning experience. These teachers have eliminated pointless assignments or strict tests that only stress you out. Instead they have created an environment that encourages students to learn from and interact with each other. Yes, there are still papers and exams, but they allow students to truly apply what they have learned. I have taken 4 honors classes throughout my two semesters at CLC and I plan on taking as many as I can in the future.

Brian Smith's Intro to Philosophy course has probably been my favorite honors class so far, although I have enjoyed all of them thoroughly. I was unsure about this class at first because it was themed around The Simpsons, but I quickly realized that it would be very interesting. Brian taught us about each philosopher in a new and exciting way. He took on these thinkers' views and presented them as if they were his own. He allowed us complete creative freedom on one of the papers and welcomed our voices in all aspects of the class.

Another of the Honors classes, and teacher, that I have to mention is American Decades with John Kupetz. I had so much fun in this class! John is hilarious and interesting and enthusiastic about what he teaches. I feel honored to learn from him. One very cool assignment he gave us was to pick a cultural product from the 1970s to the present and do a presentation on it. All throughout the course, we learned about and discussed movies and novels and music from decades in American history, and then we were given the chance to explore something that interested us. I will never forget the experience of this class.

I could go on and on about the other honors classes I have taken and the great instructors I have had the privilege to meet (Mike Latza, Mary Ann Bretzlauf), but I won't. I'll just say this?if you are considering being a part of honors program?do it! I guarantee you'll love it!