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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Daniela Resendiz, Environmental Biology with Kelly Cartwright and Honors Program Student 2006-2009

The CLC Honors Program offers a great opportunity. The honors classes require a higher level of thinking and application. While there is a lot of work involved, the "busy-work" is diminished and the assignments are specifically designed to challenge the students' thinking process. The classes embrace the individuality of each student and allow them to choose their own creative way of completing a take-home test or a lab-report. For example, for Kelly Cartwright's Environmental Biology, everybody looked at the same material and information; however, every lab-report was the students' own idea. I made a photo album with pictures of different trees and other vegetation. I also completed a collage, a poem, and a creative story. The CLC Honors classes allow you to be more creative in the classroom while you analyze and discuss the concepts in further depth.

How the CLC Honors Program prepared me for success...I wanted to tell you how much the Honors Program prepared me for college. I always realized how hard the teachers worked for the Honors Program, but I never knew how beneficial the program was, besides being more challenging. The flexibility that was given by honors teachers to allow students to work more independently and be responsible for the material was very similar to how Lake Forest College is, and I attribute my success to the fact that I had already been introduced to that structure at CLC. I graduated from Lake Forest College last December with a business degree and with cum laude honors. Thanks for developing such a beneficial program.