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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Emanuel Arrambide, Creative Writing with Diane Williams

I am in Honors Creative Writing I with Diane Williams, and I will be in Honors Creative Writing II with her next semester. My biggest Honors project without a doubt is writing my first book. It is the story of an event that changed my life forever, and helped a troubled adolescent that seemed to be going nowhere fast completely change his life around in a matter of minutes. I still don't even know what to call it: Vision, Seizure, Dream; they all apply.

I am very excited to be writing this book, and I have spent countless hours reviewing my messy notes and papers. This book deals with many different concepts that I think people out there need to hear. Without a doubt, I would not be the same person if this event would not have taken place. I probably never would have stepped foot in CLC; who knows where I would be now. As you can tell, this book means a lot to me, and I am putting forth a ton of time and energy towards it. I am left drained of energy and my fingers are sore from typing almost every night.

This is a two-semester project; I am conferencing with Diane on almost a weekly basis, and I feel that I am developing quickly as a writer. Dr. Penne Devery has agreed to proofread my project once I am done with the editing process. Dr. Devery and Ms. Williams have both been of great help to me time and time again, and I am very thankful for their support. Their office doors are always open for questions/comments, and I view them as two great mentors to me that have helped strengthen my inner voice.

I am also writing five short stories of events that took place throughout my teenage years, which are coming to a close this coming January. I view these short stories as exercises to help develop my use of imagery and detail in my stories. For my midterm portfolio for C.W., I was to turn in about 30 pages of writing/journal entries. I'm not sure what my total page number count was, but I want to say it was close to about 50-60 pages of work, with more coming in almost every week.