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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Esra Ozbek, Honors Program Student Since 2005

I have been a part of the College of Lake County Honors Program since 2005, and this program is one of the best experiences of my college education. The Honors courses require active student involvement in the learning process and are competitive, challenging and fun.

My last Honors course was Social Problems with Professor Hutchinson in Spring 2007. This course focuses on different social issues such as gender, race, wealth, and terrorism by using different perspectives. Our class was based on class discussions led by a different student with the guidance of the books written by well-known sociologists. As a part of the Honors Course, we chose a research project about one of the social problems we analyzed throughout the class. The project included background and research of the problem, review of literature, designing the research, gathering the data and analyzing the results. My research topic was terrorism, and I focused on the perceptions of College of Lake County students on Islam and American Muslims after September 11 attacks. I really enjoyed the field research experience and believe that it will be extremely helpful in my future academic life and in my career.

I recommend Honors Courses to all students who want to experience a higher level of learning in a competitive, challenging, and sophisticated class setting.