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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Kristin Majkowski, Four Classes as an Honors Program Student

I've taken the following four Honors classes since joining the Honors program: BIO 120, HUM 221, PHY 121, and ENG 121. What I've appreciated about each of these classes as honors is that none of them particularly had a heavier work load than usual but rather, since the instructors had higher expectations for each person in the classroom as an Honors student, they gave us more freedom and flexibility to approach the class in the best way for each of us to achieve our maximum potential in learning the specific material covered in class. For each assignments required, they were willing to work with us individually as well as with the class as a whole in a way that would encourage us to obtain and even exceed our goals in completing the class successfully as well as finishing it feeling more educated about the subject to the best of our ability. For example, when we had written assignments, they'd often ask us to give our input on how we wanted to approach the assignment and they'd allow us to be creative in how we wanted to present the learned material as well as providing us guidance on how to do that if we happened to be more of an objective thinker.