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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Lisa Brown, Earth Science with Dr. Xiaoming Zhai

I am currently enrolled in Honors Geo 120, Earth Science, with instructor Dr. Xiaoming Zhai. Every week we meet after class to discuss the current or upcoming sections in Earth Science. These meetings provide me with an opportunity to know the instructor on a more personal level. It allows me to spend more time addressing issues that provide a better understanding of concepts related to the current chapter or an upcoming test. Even though Dr. Zhai has office hours available to students, this atmosphere is more open and comfortable and allows a person to expand their knowledge.

Last month, I researched and discussed the effects of ozone depletion and then provided this information in a presentation format to my class. Recently, I just completed a research project on global warming, and I will be giving a presentation to Dr. Zhai's Environmental Geology course on Tuesday morning. Presentations are not mandated by Dr. Zhai; they are an option. Dr. Zhai's primary goal is that his students learn to their utmost capabilities.

If you are interested in Science, then I highly recommend enrolling as an Honors student in Dr. Zhai's courses.