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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Ryan Haass, Honors Student and CLC Scholar 2016 to 2017

Whenever I meet somebody at CLC who is filled with potential and has the drive to grow, as both a person and an intellectual, I recommend that they get involved with the Honors Program.

I’ve taken six honors courses at the college, with each being an enriching experience taught by some of the best professors at CLC. I wouldn’t say that honors courses are any more difficult than regular courses, but that honors courses have a strong sense of community and the professors allow students to have more freedom.

Just about everybody has concerns about the cost of college, but the CLC Honors Program was able to help me quell such fears. The discount on my honors courses was certainly a nice reward for my hard work and dedication to the community. Being involved in the program also opened me to various opportunities, such as becoming the President of Phi Theta Kappa and getting accepted into the Honors Scholars Program.

Honors Scholars was a complete game changer. The program’s full-tuition scholarship and guaranteed job made my semester so much less stressful. I entered college with an abysmal GPA, but, because of the honors opportunities at CLC, I will be earning two Bachelor's degrees in the span of four years while paying nothing for three of those years. Being an Honors Scholar also introduced me to some really great peers and professors, some of whom I will have a life-long relationship with. I think that it would be wrong for me not to point to Dr. Patrick Gonder and Dr. Jenny Lee as two of the most influential, interesting, and amazing human beings at the college; take their courses, follow their advice, and don’t be afraid to talk with them.

My advice to students: get involved in the Honors Program, talk to your professors during office hours, and take advantage of every opportunity available to you. Trust me, there’ll be plenty.

Without a doubt in my mind, getting involved in the Honors Program, especially Honors Scholars, was the best decision that I’ve ever made.