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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Shounda Cole, Honors Program Student Since 2004

I have been a part of the honors program since 2004. I have taken Earth Science with Xiaoming Zhai, and I really appreciated his approach to teaching honors. He wanted us to understand the concepts rather than regurgitate what was in the book.

I took Environmental Biology with Kelly Cartwright and really appreciated the freedom to be myself. I learned so much about the environment, and have a much bigger appreciation for the earth (I'm still recycling).

I took Philosophy of the Simpsons with Brian Smith and really appreciated the opportunity to be creative. I may not have said much in his class but it was so thought provoking the best I could do was just sit there and digest all of the information.

Lastly I took World Religions with Ed George. I found out so much about other religions because it wasn't just classroom work all the time. We went out and experienced a couple of religions that I never would have otherwise.

My overall experience in all of my honors classes was very good. I learned so much more in those classes than I would have in a regular class. The classes are designed more to treat you like a graduate rather than an undergraduate. The class sizes are relatively small so it is easier to have discussions and ask questions. The teachers are there for you if you need them, and they are genuinely concerned about your success in the class. All of my teachers have been great and I'm glad that I had the experience.