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Sharing Ideas: Student Experiences

Val Flores, Honors Program Student

I believe the main benefit in honor courses is allowing us to challenge ourselves and that those courses look really good on our transcripts, especially if we get good grades on them. We are also surrounded by a vast atmosphere of students who have the same academic goals as us so it brings all of us to connect with one another. It gives us life-long friendships and connections that can be very useful to each of us. The professors that offer these honor classes are very passionate about what they teach. It is extraordinary to find that. I can relate this personally with my speech professor Kari Proft. She is always so happy to be teaching us and if we don't understand something, she goes back and teaches it to us until we learn it. She doesn't give up on her students or scolds us when we don't know the material. Instead, she worries about us and does everything in her power to let us understand it. I really enjoy these honor classes.