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CLC Scholars


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What it is

CLC Scholars is a program with a rigorous, demanding curriculum designed for students who may potentially pursue graduate work. Students accepted into the program:

  • Take on specialized academic assignments, projects and activities done under the direction of faculty
  • Enroll in a special Humanities course
  • Work 10 hours per week in an on-campus job providing valuable work experience

Benefits of participating

  • Free tuition, fees and textbooks for CLC courses
  • Specialized counseling and advising
  • Assistance seeking scholarships and admission to select universities
  • Intensive academic experiences, research projects and activities
  • Opportunities for international or study abroad experiences and to attend national conferences

Success of participants

Graduates of the CLC Scholars Program have earned prestigious scholarships and transferred to such institutions as American University in Washington, D.C., and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Read about recent graduates from the CLC Honors Scholars Program (PDF).

Selection process

CLC Scholars has a selective admission policy. Interested students must complete an application, write an essay and have a personal interview.

View the CLC Scholars Program application (PDF).

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