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CLC Online FAQ

CLC Online Frequently Asked Questions

  • What about assignments, testing, and attendance?

  • What online courses are offered by the College of Lake County?

  • Do I need to come to a campus to participate in an online course?

  • What kind of hardware and software do I need?

  • Do I get credit for taking online courses?

  • I am confused about credit and non-credit online courses. Which one is right for me?

  • How much will an online course cost?

  • How do I register for an online course?

  • What can I do to prepare for an online course before it begins?

  • How does my instructor contact me when my online course is due to begin?

  • What if I have technical problems while taking an online course?

  • Does CLC offer online tutoring?

  • How do I contact my instructor?

  • What blended courses are being offered by College of Lake County?

  • Do you have other questions or need to contact someone for more information?