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Student visiting China's Great Wall (Photo courtesy of Ryan Mills)

Semester Abroad Programs

China - Spring 2019

College of Lake County’s semester abroad program provides students with a unique and affordable educational and cultural experience in China. Students will obtain college credit for the courses they take while in China. They will be able to travel to different cultural sites. Further details and applications will be made available soon – please check back.

“I am totally in love with China. My experience, thus far, has been so unlike anything else I have ever experienced in life that there is no real point of reference to begin from. Everything from the language, to feeding myself, even crossing the street had to be relearned; with each being harder than the next. But those initial fish out of water feelings soon changed with the friendly guidance and companionship of our Chinese counterparts. In a few short weeks this program has allowed me the opportunity to completely immerse myself and to thrive in a culture, and with a people, more vibrant than I thought possible. I’ve visited the tombs and palaces of the ancient emperors, bathed in the hot springs of sacred mountains, hiked all night to the top of China’s deadliest peak to watch the sunrise, and I can even recite a little Chinese poetry; all before midterms. I am truly grateful to CLC for making this most gratifying and enriching experience possible; truly the chance of a lifetime.”
Bernard Kondenar, student at CLC’s China semester abroad program

Additional Semester Abroad Programs

Students interested in residing and studying in another country for a longer period of time may also participate in a semester abroad program offered through the Illinois Consortium for International Studies and Programs (ICISP). Students may choose from a program in the following locations:

The curriculum for these programs emphasizes courses in art, foreign language, history, humanities, literature and music. Students participating in these programs register for courses at CLC, but receive their instruction abroad. No transfer of credit back to CLC is needed!

Contact for More Information

For more information about study abroad programs, contact Liliana Ware at or (847) 543-2563.