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Dual Credit FAQs

Are these “real” college classes?

All dual credit classes are the same as the classes offered by CLC. Courses follow the same syllabus and are taught by qualified instructors who are approved by CLC. Dual credit students are held to the same standards of achievement as students on campus.

Do I have to pay CLC tuition to take Dual Credit classes?

No, you do not pay CLC tuition for dual credit courses. CLC currently covers the tuition for all dual credit courses.

Which areas of study offer dual credit courses?

  • Career and Technical Education certificate and degree programs, such as graphic arts technology, nurse assisting, welding, automotive and many more.
  • General education courses that count toward a college degree in such areas as foreign languages, psychology, art and sociology. For detailed course descriptions and information, please visit the CLC Catalog.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Students must:

  • Be currently enrolled in an Illinois high school and live in Illinois
  • Complete the Admission Information form online
  • Submit official ACT scores (if available)
  • Register for a dual credit course at your high school
  • Meet course prerequisites, when applicable
  • Take the Academic Language Proficiency Test (or have an ACT score of at least 17 in both English and Reading)
  • Take the Academic Proficiency Test  (if required for prerequisite)
  • Be successfully enrolled at mid-term

What is my CLC student classification?

Dual credit students register and enroll at CLC as a “non-degree seeking student prior to high school graduation.” Credit earned by dual credit becomes part of their official college record and is listed on the student’s official CLC transcript. Before enrolling, students must meet all of the course prerequisites, including language proficiency and basic algebra readiness when appropriate.

How do I find out more?

Contact your high school counselor or teacher for information on which courses are offered for dual credit.

Which Lake County high schools offer Dual Credit courses?

  • Deerfield High School
  • Grayslake Central High School
  • Grayslake North High School
  • Highland Park High School
  • Lake County High Schools Technology Campus
  • Lake Forest High School
  • Libertyville High School
  • New Tech at Zion-Benton High School
  • North Chicago Community High School
  • Round Lake High School
  • Warren Township High School
  • Waukegan High School
  • Zion-Benton High School

How is Dual Enrollment different?

Dual enrollment allows you to enroll in CLC's regularly scheduled classes while you're still in high school. If you choose dual enrollment, you will take your normal high school classes and attend one or more CLC classes. (In comparison, dual credit allows you to earn high school and college credit for the same course.) Students can take a dual enrollment class at any time of day. Students wishing to complete a dual enrollment class during their high school day must get prior approval from their high school. For more information, visit CLC's College Credit Now webpage.