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Courses for Gifted Students

Challenge your gifted 7th or 8th grade student with our exciting and thought-provoking Fast-Paced math and verbal courses. All are designed to engage and equip your bright student for academic success.

Lake County students who test through the Regional Office of Education and meet the prerequisite test scores on the SAT in 6th grade will be invited to participate. Homeschool, private and parochial school parents may go online to to get information and register their 6th grade student to take the SAT at a local test center.

Requirements: Math SAT score 530 or higher; Verbal SAT score 260 or higher.

Fast-Paced 7th & 8th Grade Math (Fall and Spring)

Enrich your student's mathematical experience through special algebra and geometry topics not included in a traditional classroom.

Fast-Paced 7th & 8th Grade Verbal (Fall and Spring)

Enhance your student's enjoyment of language arts through a rich introduction to literature, composition, vocabulary and grammar.