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About the Automotive Collision Repair Program

Offered by the Lake County High Schools Technology Campus and College of Lake County

High School Version Video Transcript

Student: I do enjoy learning about collision repair. It’s something I actually enjoy doing.

Student: Instead of getting stuck out in an English class, I get to come here and do what I like to do.

Student: Lot of hands-on work. You get a bit messy.

Student: While I’m outside of class I’m able to help my friends, whether they have questions on how to paint something or what they’re trying to do with their car.

Automotive Collision Repair instructor Ben Cizowski: 
We have students that have old muscle cars at home they want to restore, but they don’t know how. So instead of paying someone to do it, they just learn to do it themselves.

Student: Build your own car. Make it a customized car. Start restoring cars if you want.

Student: All the stuff here is new. We get new tools every year.

Student: If you wanted to, you’re allowed to bring your own car in. Like right now, my friend’s painting his car.

Student: You can bring your own car in and have something pin striped on it.

Ben Cizowski: Students earn 21 college credits while they're still in high school. Going all the way from structural repair to dent repair to painting to detailing to estimating…

Student: You’re learning everything exactly how it’s actually done in a shop.

Student: We all enjoy the same stuff. Just working on cars, and talking about them every single day. We never really get tired of it.

Student: (I’m) going into it as a career next year, following up after graduation. So yes, I would say yes, I like it.