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About the Automotive Collision Repair Program

Video transcript

Student: Yes, I always had an interest in collision; always, since I was little.

Student: I did a lot of art work in high school, and was really good at it.

Student: So I can learn how to paint a 1946 Chevy truck I bought. Strictly a hobby.

Student: What I really want to do is actually paint custom cars.

Instructor Thomas McDermott:  One of the advantages we have here at CLC is our smaller class sizes.

Student: So you don’t really struggle for the instructors’ time.

Student: I especially like the instructors. They’re professional men during the day and they come in the evening to teach us their profession.

McDermott: We’re doing hammer and dolly, body filler, plastic repair. We learn all about the tools and equipment, safety precautions and procedures.

Collision Repair department chair and instructor Octavio Cavazos: 
Welding, custom painting and refinishing, structural repair, non-structural repair and damage estimating.

Student: I do use the skills that I’ve learned so far. I use them at home on my own projects.

Instructor Ben Cizowski: Through the I-CAR Certification that they receive, which is a nationally recognized certification, they can take these skills out into the workplace and prove they know what they’re doing.

McDermott: You can get all the training you need, plus we offer the associate’s degree.

Cavazos: That degree is transferrable to a four-year university.

Student: I actually work full time in an auto body shop. I also go to school full time.

Student: It doesn’t interfere with work schedule. I don’t have to try and get time off.

Student: I’ve spoken to other students that have gone to these other schools, and it seems that I’m getting double the experience.

Student: I like the program here. The tuition is of no consequence.

Cavazos: There’s really endless possibilities where they can apply these skills once they’ve acquired them.

Cizowski: From shop manager to estimator. From the painter to the body man all the way down to the detailer…

Student: I think I can get a job pretty easily after this program is done.

Cavazos: Our program doesn’t just give you a degree that can’t go anywhere. Our program can actually open doors for you.

McDermott: If you enjoy working on cars, if you enjoy working with your hands, this is the place to be.

Student: I love it. I can’t get enough of it. I love cars; anything about cars. I want to know everything about cars.

Student: Cars have always been a passion of mine. I really like to work on them, and I wanted to be able to do something that I love doing, day in and day out.