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Getting Started

Talk to an Advisor

Contact one of the advisors in the Administrative Management and Technology program and they will be happy to set up a meeting where together you can plan a schedule of classes that will fit with your lifestyle and program completion goal.

Advisors can discuss which course would be good for you to begin with and the sequence in which to take those courses to have you earn certificates while you work toward the completion of the degree. They are knowledgeable of the course schedule and can help set up a program to give you the hours of class you need on the campus most convenient for you.

New to CLC? Learn how to get started or call 847-COLLEGE.

What class should I take first?

We recommend that you begin with a class that you enjoy. We want your first college experience with us to be exciting. Our goal is for you to be successful so that you will continue and finish with your degree. Some suggestions are: AOS 111, Business Communications; every job requires good communication skills. Or, AOS 113, Comprehensive Word Processing; this course teaches the basics of Microsoft Word. Another option we like to give students is to begin with a keyboarding class. We suggest they contact one of us to arrange for a keyboarding test to see what level of keyboarding they can be placed into. If they know they are a true beginner, then they would begin with AOS 170, Computer Keyboarding I.

How do I know what level of keyboarding is right for me?

We offer four levels of Keyboarding:

  • AOS 170, Computer Keyboarding I
  • AOS 171, Computer Keyboarding II
  • AOS 178, Intermediate Keyboarding

If you do not know how to touch type without looking at your keys, we suggest you begin with the first class, AOS 170, Computer Keyboarding I. If you have had some keyboarding experience, do not look at your keys, and can type around 25 words per minute, we would suggest the second class, AOS 171, Computer Keyboarding II. If you do not look at your keys, can type around 40 words per minute or better, we would recommend the Intermediate level of keyboarding, AOS 178. In the Intermediate level we cover building speed and accuracy as well as document formatting.

Students can contact the division lab at (847) 543-2526 to set up a convenient time for a placement test. We want you enrolled in the correct class.

I have been a stay-at-home mom for 6 years and I am nervous about coming back to school. How difficult will it be?

Try it, you will like it!!!! You will find many students who are just like you in our classes. Once back in school, you will realize you can think and learn. Returning to school is exciting, and our students find themselves making new friendships. How difficult will it be? You will never find a more patient, understanding staff willing to work with you. AOS is a great place to begin.

Equipment and Software Programs

The Administrative Management and Technology program is located in the new technology building, with rooms of new computers featuring the latest Office software. Our program supports an open computer lab, Room T221, staffed with a day and evening lab assistant. Students enjoy working in the lab because of the inviting atmosphere and the assistance they receive.