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ESL Supported Courses

General Office Certificate with ESL Support!

The Administrative Management and Technology field is one of the fastest growing in Lake County, with 1,500 job openings per year. We can help you learn the skills you need to prepare for a variety of job options available in this growing field. Instruction will be provided in English; however an English tutor or English course will be available to help you.

Contact Irma Fleischer at (847) 543-2751 or

Here is Your Chance to Advance!

  • Learn new office skills
  • Take one course at a time
  • Complete a certificate
  • Improve your English

Receive a General Office Certificate in two years or less after completing the following six courses:

  • Computer Basics/Software Applications (AOS 112)
  • Comprehensive Word Processing (AOS 113)
  • Computer Keyboarding I (AOS 170)
  • Computer Keyboarding II (AOS 171)
  • Business English (AOS 172)
  • Intermediate Keyboarding (AOS 178)

Upon completion, you will qualify for clerical and secretarial positions.

Continue your Education

After completing your General Office Certificate, you can broaden your skills by taking additional courses to earn other certificates or a two-year AOS degree.