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Student Experiences

Kellie Brown—AOS

“I started taking Administrative Office Systems classes in spring 2010, and I absolutely loved them. All of the professors were so supportive and helped me toward completing my degree. The more AOS and CIT classes I took, I realized that I loved learning new features in Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Access. I had a little background with the Microsoft Office software from high school but nothing like knowing what I know now.

In the summer I worked at Six Flags Great America where I was an office clerk in 2011 through 2012. I was promoted in 2013 to an office supervisor, seasonally. One day the park president asked me what my major was in school. I said that I was majoring in Administrative Office Systems, and he said, “Oh, that’s great!”

After two months had passed, I found out the park president’s executive assistant put in her two weeks’ notice. The president called me and told me that the executive assistant position will be opening very soon. He said that he would like me to apply for the position. I interviewed and got my dream job!

I am now a full-time executive assistant for the president at Six Flags Great America. If it weren’t for the great professors and great support I received in the Administrative Office Systems program, I wouldn’t be here.”

Laura Serafini—2008 AOS Honor Graduate

Laura had a 4.0 grade point average and was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa academic honor society. She was hired by Medline even before completing her studies.

“I was a stay-at-home mom for 13 years, so I was nervous about coming back to school. But Lauren and my other instructors were so supportive! After my first class, I gained confidence, and the program has helped me achieve what I set out to do—get a good job. I learned the latest technology, which prepared me well for my current position.”

Cinde DeBoer—2008 AOS Honor Graduate

Cinde enjoyed 12 years of her life, staying at home and raising four children. When she realized her secretarial skills were outdated, she decided to enroll in the AOS program at CLC. She is now a full time administrative assistant at a public library.

“When my youngest started first grade, I began a new job at the Antioch Public Library District maintaining organization of the library collection by returning materials to the shelves. More than a year later, I applied for an Administrative Clerk's position within the library, and was accepted. This is when I realized that my secretarial skills were outdated. Computer skills, especially Microsoft Office, were necessary to function within an office environment. I started with Word; Desktop Publishing, Excel and Presentation software were to follow. Once I completed these, I was hooked. I had learned so much that I could apply to my position at the library, that I knew I wanted more. The rest is history. Every subject in the AOS program has taught me new skills to enhance my performance within the office. The entire staff is committed to ensuring that the students know the material. I consider myself lucky to have been taught by such a staff. I now hold the full time administrative assistant's position, and I believe it is largely due to the knowledge I have received in the AOS program.”