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About the Automotive Technology Program

About the Program Video Description

This 90-second video highlights CLC’s Automotive Technology lab, with comments by department chair, Dr. Lance David. Watch students in action, working on cars and engines and learn about the degrees and certificates we offer in this hands-on, high-tech career.

Dr. Lance David, department chair

The automotive program is for somebody who loves working with their hands and computers and they don’t want a job that can be outsourced. It is very secure. Once you have the skills, you will always have a job.

We attract a very diverse group of students. We have a lot of students who are fresh out of high school, we have a lot of students that are working technicians; they’re in the field right now. Quite a few of our students are bilingual.

What really excites the students is the opportunity to take what they have learned in the classroom and apply it in the lab. We’ve got a well-equipped lab and the hands-on is always their favorite part. We cover really everything about the car; everything from tires, suspensions, alignments, transmissions, brakes, engine performance, electrical systems, seats, everything. There are options for as many as seven different certificates, and we offer an associate degree that does transfer to four-year institutions. We designed the program so you could finish the program with virtually all day or all night classes, or a combination. And the advantage to the College of Lake County is that it is much less expensive because it is a publicly funded school.

If I could describe the program in one statement I’d say “Better than you expected.” There’s always new things to learn. There are always new types of cars: hybrid, electric cars; and as a technician you are always learning. If you love to learn, this is a great occupation.