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Program of Study: Computer Information Technology

Academic Division: Business Division

About the Program

The Computer Information Technology program at CLC offers students several degrees and certificates depending on their long-term goals.

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New CIT Fall Courses

  • CIT 174 Adobe Dreamweaver
  • CIT 255 Server Virtualization Technologies
  • CIT 299 Android Programming

Transfer Degree

The transfer program is for students interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to complete a bachelor's degree.

Career Program Degrees and Certificates

Associate in Applied Science (AAS) Degrees

The A.A.S. degree offers students the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge to find a job in computer information technology upon graduation.


Certificates provide opportunities for students to gain skills in a short time and also allow those already working in the industry to upgrade their skills.

If you would like to speak with one of the faculty advisors for the computer information technology program, please check their contact information.

Course Scheduling Guide

Computer Information Technology
Please see the schedule below
to aid you in planning your schedule:
Fall, Spring 
& Summer
Fall &
Spring only
 - no Summer
CIT 111
CIT 112
CIT 119
CIT 120
CIT 131
CIT 132
CIT 133
CIT 134
CIT 141
CIT 150
CIT 170

 CIT 113   
CIT 130
CIT 138
CIT 151
CIT 152
CIT 155
CIT 157
CIT 256^

CIT 156
CIT 171
CIT 215
CIT 239
CIT 241
CIT 252
CIT 256
CIT 271

CIT 137
CIT 173
CIT 216
CIT 253
CIT 254
CIT 258
CIT 270
CIT 272
CIT 277

*This information is accurate, but subject to change.
Rev: Oct 2013

^ Offered in Fall 2013, thereafter spring only

Other courses scheduled depending on demand:

  • CIT 114 will be offered every third semester (next semester offered is Spring 2014)
  • CIT 175 Game Development & Design Strategies
  • CIT 176 2D Game Development
  • CIT 177 3D Game Development
  • CIT 210 Programming for Office Applications
  • CIT 230 Linux System Administration
  • CIT 259 Topics in Computer Forensics
  • CIT 275 Mathematics for Game Development
  • CIT 276 Game Development Projects

Courses that will no longer be offered (please consult with a CIT advisor if you have questions):

  • CIT 172 E-Commerce Implementation and Impact
  • CIT 212 Oracle Database Administration I
  • CIT 213 Oracle Database Administration II
  • CIT 233 Programming in Visual C ++
  • CIT 250 Advanced LAN Administration
  • CIT 251 Implementing and Administering Security in Windows (should be taking CIT 254)

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