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About the CNC Program

About the Program Video Description

Get an up-close look at our CNC facilities and meet the department chair, Jeff Hines. Find out why this is a great, high-tech career to study at CLC! You can earn an A.A.S. degree or two certificates and study in our state-of-the art CNC lab.

Jeff Hines, department chair

The CNC program at the College of Lake County teaches people how to be machinists; gives them the skills, gives them the background, gives them the understanding of how to make components. (Components) are found in the automotive industry, the aerospace industry, the mining industry, the gas and turbine industry. The career pathway is tremendous in this field.

A typical student that would be interested in this type of program would really be very artistic, very creative; they would love working with their hands. Any of the local employers are using the same equipment that we teach on, so we have very state-of-the-art, very relevant and current equipment that they can find all throughout the industry. Students enjoy the hands-on time the most. They can’t wait to get out into the lab, apply those skills, run the equipment. Most often we find that it’s hard to get them out of the lab and run them off at the end of class.

Students typically can earn certificates and/or an associate degree in the program. I typically receive one to two phone calls per week from local employers. They are in dire need of CNC machinists; anywhere from the entry-level skills all the way up to advanced skills. So the employers are out there, the jobs are abundant, the pay scale is very, very good in the local area and they can earn a very good wage and a self-sustaining wage to take care of themselves and/or their families.