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Minimum Selection Criteria

Student records must indicate the following:

  1. College Reading and Writing Readiness and Basic Algebra Readiness
  2. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above
  3. BIO 123 or BIO 161 or an equivalent (C or better)
  4. CHM 120 or an equivalent course (C or better)
  5. BIO 244 or an equivalent course (C or better)
  6. NLN PAX with minimum acceptable percentile scores of 30 in the verbal, math and science sections, and a composite percentile of 40 (within 3 years of the screening deadline). View a Sample NLN Score Report (PDF).
  7. Must be eighteen (18) years of age by the first day of the summer session following the screening deadline
  8. Attend a Dental Hygiene Program Information Session (within the two years preceding the screening deadline).

Note: Applicants may take the NLN test up to four times per screening year. Scores for the NLN test will only be accepted if the test dates are at least ninety (90) days apart. If tests are not taken within the scheduled guidelines, only the first score will be considered for screening. NLN test scores taken more than three years prior to the screening deadlines will not be considered.