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About the Digital Media and Design Program

About the Program

Michael Kozien, a Digital Media and Design instructor introduces this exciting program by first highlighting the numerous career opportunities. “The career of digital media and design is a great for students that are interested in working in the advertising field, the entertainment field, and working for themselves. Every designer freelances at some point. A lot of people will get into the field by working for large corporations or even smaller businesses and use that as a conduit to work for themselves and have their own business,” he says.

The Students

Mr. Kozien then talks about the students by saying “We have returning students who have their own business in graphic design but want to come back to school to take a few classes in web development. They may take a class in Dreamweaver, HTML, or Flash. We’ve been very successful in drawing in students who already work out in the field.”

He then further elaborates by saying “The student population is based in two populations, students who are right out of high school and the nontraditional students. Often I’ll have a student right out of high school sitting alongside a student who already has a degree or a lot of professional experience. You have that tandem play between socializing in class and working on collaborative projects where the students can really learn from each other.”

State-of-the-art Facility

Mr. Kozien then comments on the college’s superb facilities: “Here at the College of Lake County the Digital Media and Design program has great facilities. We have multiple PC labs. We have a brand new Mac lab. We have facilities that can handle print production, audio and video production, and capture stations.”

As student Julius Lewiel says the Digital Media and Design facilities “give you lots of options, PC or Mac. They provide you with all of the software and everything you need to get the education you need.”

Matt Jurasek, a Digital Media and Design student, gives an overview of what the students are typically exposed to by saying, “You do web design; you do 3-D modeling, copyrights. It gets you to know what Digital Media is all about.”

Career Outlook and Furthering Your Education

Mr. Kozien then describes what the college does to aid students in starting their careers.

“We encourage students to look into getting internships. We assist in that opportunity. We also work with students with putting together strong portfolios for when they graduate then they are able to enter the work force or use that portfolio to enter a competitive academic program in a university or college.”

Michael Kozien closes the video by citing examples of what students are doing with their new-found education.

“The working environment of this industry is very vibrant. A lot of our students are able to get freelance jobs while they are students doing 3-D modeling, animation, web design, print design, and audio production. Many of our students have transferred straight to schools like Northern Illinois, the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design, the Art Institute of Chicago and Columbia College.”