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Students` classroom presentations

Elementary Education


About the Program

Elementary Education is an Associate in Arts transfer program housed in the Social Science Division. It is intended for students  interested in transferring to a four-year college or university to obtain an Illinois State Board of Education Type 03 - K through 9th grade certificate.

Students who wish to obtain certification for grades 6 through 12 should select electives from an area of concentration in which they want to teach. Concentration areas include Art, English, Foreign Languages, Language Arts, Social Students, Math, Music, Science or Performing Arts.

Students should work closely with a CLC Counselor to identify coursework that will meet CLC, transfer school, and certification concentrations.


Career Opportunities

A career as an elementary school teacher  may be right for you if you answer “yes” to these questions:

  • Are you passionate and dedicated to the idea of teaching children?
  • Are you willing to work hard to achieve the goal of becoming a teacher ?
  • Do you have good oral and written communication skills? Do you have general knowledge of math and technology? Do you like reading? Are you willing to work hard to obtain and enhance these skills?
  • Are you patient, well-organized and enjoy being creative?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for kindergarten and elementary school teachers will grow at about the average rate for all professions between 2012-22; the median annual salary for  K-12 teachers in 2012 was $53,090.


Transfer Degree

  • Elementary Education A.A.

Learn more about the program options.

Why Choose CLC?

Why Choose CLC

  • CLC provides all the required general requirements for the elementary education degree that a four year college/University does for a reasonable tuition rate.
  • CLC offers a full range of elementary education courses taught by instructors who have teaching experience in both the private and public school sectors.
  • CLC Elementary Education instructors are fully devoted to teaching rather than research. Your success is their primary goal.
  • The Elementary Education department can offer you the advantages of small classes where you can get to know the instructor personally.
  • The Elementary Education department can provide qualified advice regarding transfer options for elementary education degrees at four-year colleges/universities.