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About the Electrical Engineering Technology Program

About the Program

Fred Scheu, electrical engineering technology instructor, introduces the program. "If you take a look around you, you will find that you are touched daily by items that are electronic or have some electronic content. So, there are a variety of fields and industries that a person with a basic understanding of electricity can find a job. This whole program is oriented towards people who have a preponderance to use their hands along with their mind will be successful in life."

Instructors with Real-world Experience

Fred Scheu highlights the instructors who all have real-world experience. "I think there is a huge difference between someone who teaches a course who has never worked in the industry and has purely theoretical knowledge and someone who has spent many years in the industry. The emphasis becomes different."

Tom Strasser, electrical engineering technology student, describes his instructors as being up-to-date. "I like that all the professors have field experience and keep up with technology in their courses. In the electronics field, there are a lot of changes, very fast."

Labs and Equipment

"We have some of the best equipment here." Fred Scheu explains, "Our labs are equipped with some of the best equipment that you can buy. And of course that helps to prepare our students to be more successful in the industry when they do leave here."

Student Experience

Mitch Kauppila, electrical engineering technology student, shares his experience. "I’ve been in the field for four years now and I decided to come to CLC to take the degree so I can get a new job in that field."

Fred Scheu lays out two options for students and explains the material that is covered. "A two year degree here allows the individual in that point in time to go off and get a job if he/she so desires or he/she can make a decision to go on to a four-year institution and earn a four-year degree. The material that we cover in this program is fundamental material. It is not a fad of a particular technology that’s in vogue at a particular time. It is basic information that can be applied all across the electronics field so it doesn’t go out-of-date. That’s a very important thing to know."